String rehearsal in a disused bank, by the original members of Camerata, April 2015
Left to right: Anne, Liz, Ursula, Emily, Belinda, Ian and Louis, string rehearsal, April 2015

Music for all

Whether you are a new listener or classical music aficionado, you’ll find Camerata’s short concerts of elegant, beautiful music accessible and uplifting. Experience our musicians’ vibrant, joyful musicality as they explore quality, historically informed performance within an intimate chamber music aesthetic led by the Concertmaster, in an exquisite acoustical space.​

Our story

Camerata was founded in 2015 by Liz Pritchett and the late luthier and cellist Ian Lyons, to create music-making opportunities that all could enjoy. Ian rang New Zealand Symphony Orchestra first violinist Anne Loeser to invite her to lead and, in the midst of cooking at a holiday bach, she unwisely agreed! The rest is history, with Anne becoming Camerata’s Musical Director and Concertmaster.

Joseph Haydn
Musical Director and Concertmaster
Anne Loeser


​Within Camerata’s 2–3 concerts each year repertoire spans all eras and include string ensemble and chamber orchestra pieces, with an early Haydn symphony as a focus of the ‘Haydn in the Church’ series.

​Camerata is not for profit, directed and managed by Liz Pritchett.

Copyright Camerata 2021.

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