Performing live in Wellington, New Zealand

” … sparkling: joyful and radiant; refreshing and vibrant. Camerata clearly loved what they were performing … . A perfect concert.”
dmsreviewblog, 24 February 202

Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings: Waltz excerpt

One of Tchaikovsky’s famous melodies, which we look forward to sharing with you at our concert tonight! Wind and brass join us for Haydn’s Symphony No. 15 (yes, this is our 15th concert!). St Peter’s on Willis St, 25 Nov 2022, 6.30pm. See our upcoming concert page.

Andante from Haydn’s Symphony No. 15

Here’s a wee clip of the enchantingly delicate start to the third movement (yes, third, Haydn is yet to settle on a particular symphonic form). Rehearsals in full swing for Friday’s concert. See concert details.

Sat 28 May 2022 Kyrie rehearsal clip

Rehearsals are proving exhilarating. We are loving playing with The Tudor Consort, guest soprano soloist Carleen Ebbs and conductor Michael Stewart. Here’s a short clip of the opening Kyrie.

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